What Types Exist and How to Create Them?

Google Ads campaigns have incredible potential reach: everyone who uses a Google service or who visits sites in your display network. Therefore, it is very likely that you can reach potential buyers of your product or service… but to do so, you have to Malaysia Phone Number correctly segment your Google ads. Google Ads has 9 different types of audience targeting. This option segments the audience based on their lifestyle, interests, and habits. The affinity audience will be made up of people who have expressed an interest in a particular topic. This way, you can choose to show your Google ads to the people who are potentially most interested in your brand.

How Google Advertising Targeting Works

With them, you have a ton of options to reach your audience, but not all of them are available for all campaign types. Let’s see all the details. Do you want to Malaysia Phone Number know how to make your Google Ads campaigns a success this year? Click here and see the related course. Discover the trends and news of the Google advertising platform. Google Ads audiences, what types exist, and how to create them How Google advertising targeting works To apply Google Ads audiences to your campaign.

The 9 Types of Google Ads Audiences

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Keep these two guidelines in mind: Create a separate campaign or ad group for each audience. Google ads audiences are designed to achieve specific goals. So it’s best to separate each audience into a separate. Group or campaign so you can malaysia phone number control budgets, bids. And other settings separately. Don’t use different types of targeting at the same time. If you combine two or more types of targeting, the campaign. Will only reach the subset of users who meet. All the requirements of the different audience types. Google discourages this practice because it can significantly reduce the audience reachable and therefore conversions.

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