When One Profession

Lap, also in this phase I again experienced choice stress and felt quite uncomfortable with this. A cold shower. When I was working as a marketing manager I was often asked: ‘And what do you do in life?’ The most socially desirable answer to Qatar Phone Number List was to name a single job title. And that while I had more passions than that one job title.

In my experience One Profession

I followed 3 years of evening classes as a photographer and then consciously chose after a number of years of service to start as a secondary profession. This way I could take on and photograph other communication assignments if I felt like it, because what if I had to stay within my own sector (read: box) and couldn’t keep my sights wide?

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 One Profession read horror scenario

The multi what? Do you recognize yourself in the story above? Then you might also belong to the world of the multi-hyphenates, or in Dutch: the multipotentials. Today, many terms are used to name these people. These are all terms that describe someone for whom one profession is not enough to name all talents, ambitions, and interests.

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