When the society is more and more complex and the population

Carefully read the investigation report of the Over watch Council. It’s just that the executive can’t always be vigilant. The people will fight and slack off after being elected. The legislature can check and balance the executive’s tyranny through annual budget review, but it can’t be rushed, and it can only spur political officials, not professional civil servants. .

Furthermore, every election is a

battleground for a power game – to please voters. Most of the voters do not have professional knowledge and a long-term vision of social development. Therefore, the four-year election makes the executive head and the people’s representatives Norway Phone Number easy to be kidnapped by the voters. Every election, the legislators will hope to continue to be elected next time. Including the support of various interest groups, so let the legislators have the

power of supervision and audit

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No one can check and balance. Under the competition between the supervisory power and the legislative power, our government system does not have a system of checks and balances between the participation and the House of Representatives. Too much success or failure and It is already very big, and it sounds very dangerous to increase it.

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