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If you don’t make the images yourself, what are you allowed to use and share with others? New on Frankwatching Marketing the Rainbow: 5 Videos That Went Viral di Do you want to make your website digitally accessible? From quick scan to Colombia Phone Number List result case Universal Analytics stops, why you should switch to GA4 now di The perfect mix between online and offline 5 opportunities for hybrid events ma Megastudies.

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The tool for more insight into behavior ma. There is no consensus among users. What should or should not allow even though we like to think that it is. The terms of Instagram and the law are clearer, but they don’t work for everyone, so they don’t adhere to them. In short: what are others allowed to use and when can you stop others from using your content?

Colombia Phone Number List
Colombia Phone Number List

The basic principle of both the conditions of Instagram and the Copyright Act is that you may only publish content that you have created yourself. Or rather: what you yourself are the copyright owner of or for which you have a valid license. Anything allowed with permission. Fortunately, there are some exceptions. By creating an account, you must agree to the terms. There are therefore agreements between you and Instagram.

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