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With all the personal and social concerns and physical and psychological complaints that go with it. Yet many of them have also found that remote working has its advantages. No more travel time, easier switching between work and Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List private (although that certainly didn’t happen automatically), and more time and space for focused work. Photo of a person on the couch with a laptop on their lap, looking out over the city Before the pandemic, working from home was actually only slightly tolerated.

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As a kind of luxury that knowledge workers could afford if they wanted to work concentrated for a few hours, or if they had a new washing machine delivered, or if they wanted to open the door for the plasterer. The COVID19 pandemic has shown that working from home can actually be fine, without too much loss of productivity, or even with productivity gains.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List
Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List

Corona has thus ensured the acceptance of working from home and remote working. Thank you for that. Back to the office, but not for the ‘real’ work At the same time. The pandemic has also shown that people do want to go back to their office party. But not necessarily just for the ‘real’ work. Where they have to sit in a much too busy office garden again.

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