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When you are filling in your homepage and can’t Estonia Phone Number specifically name what you do. Then you know that there is work to be done. Finally even the best website builder cannot build a successful website for you if your story and offer are not right. The builder can Estonia Phone Number ask the right questions and contribute ideas (“this information is still missing”). But he or she is not a business coach. The end product may look slick and professional, but if the supply drops. The Estonia Phone Number website will not bring you many customers. I would recommend such entrepreneurs to build their own website first and to keep updating.

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Once your entrepreneurial story is in place. You can Estonia Phone Number professionalize and take the step to a custom website. The advantages of making your own website Time versus money Because you acquire the knowledge yourself and carry out all the actions, you Estonia Phone Number lose more time but at the same time save money. This is a favorable trade-off, especially for Estonia Phone Number novice entrepreneurs who still have a lot of time but little income. You can already have a complete website for around €100-300 (€100-200 per year in web hosting and domain name plus €0-100 for a website template.) .\

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You develop a new skill Knowing how to make a website Estonia Phone Number is a handy skill to have that you can apply at other times. Everything in your own hands Because you have done everything yourself, you can change everything quickly and easily. This can be Estonia Phone Number great for novice entrepreneurs. You also never have to wait for an answer from your website builder. You can also leave a professional impression with a free template. This example is made in the free Estonia Phone Number WordPress theme Twenty Twenty-Two. Good photography, sufficient white space, a fixed color palette (e.g. via Pinterest) and one or two appropriate fonts (e.g. via Google Fonts) will get you a long way.

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