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Next comes email marketing (over 60%) and content marketing and SEO (over 40%). HubSpot emphasizes that strategies that work now have a limited lifespan. After all, the dynamics on a platform are constantly changing, and others’ Vietnam Phone Number List will copy you as soon as you succeed. That is why it is important to keep up with changes and developments – and new channels. ROI from Instagram and Facebook Speaking of new channels.

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TikTok and Clubhouse are not mentioned when it comes to which social platforms the companies use. It sticks to the usual suspects, such as Instagram (80+%), Facebook (80%), Twitter (60+%), and YouTube (just under 60%). Not surprising, because according to the respondents most ROI comes from Facebook and Instagram. Strikingly, only a little over 40% use LinkedIn, and just under 10% of them say that’s where the most ROI comes from.

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ROI social channels Yet this offers opportunities: many organizations are apparently unable to respond quickly to new platforms. How is that in your industry? Can you be a forerunner? Which of your marketing goals can new social channels contribute to? Here you will find 5 trends and inspiring examples of companies on social media.

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