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For example, people who are in a socially vulnerable situation. People Tunisia Phone Number who have a physical or mental disability, people with a migration background, the elderly and so on. For the readability of the article, I am using these people as a group in this article. But I am very aware that it is subject to discussion when someone is vulnerable and that these different Tunisia Phone Number groups have different needs with regard to the research method used. you apply. Make Tunisia Phone Number customer journeys transparent and reach your target groups Your (future) customers are a very valuable source of information. To get and keep customers you will have to collect valuable input.

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A useful way to do this is to map customer journeys. This allows Tunisia Phone Number you to learn a lot about (the diversity in) your target group, so that you can respond much better to customer needs. Do you want to learn more about mapping customer journeys? Follow the Tunisia Phone Number training Customer journeyCan you claim thought leadership with content marketing? And if so, how do you go about it? In this article I discuss 7 common pitfalls and I give strategic advice on how to Tunisia Phone Number avoid them successfully. The keyword? To have courage! I sometimes notice that people think a little too lightly about claiming thought leadership .

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The desire to be seen as a knowledge leader often arises in Tunisia Phone Number companies and organizations from a marketing wish. But claiming thought leadership entails much more than creating content in which you share knowledge (for free). With this approach, the Tunisia Phone Number desired result is often not achieved. How do you achieve success? Avoid Tunisia Phone Number the 7 pitfalls I distinguish in this article. 1. See thought leadership as a marketing strategy 2. Excellent expertise is not enough 3. Walking Safe Marketing Paths 4. Using common content and techniques 5. Bringing too little depth.

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