Which One Is Best for Your Company?

In addition,  We already know that storytelling is one of the most powerful tools in a brand’s arsenal. Telling stories helps us to connect with our Brazil Phone Number target audience, to be remembered and to transmit the values ​​of our company. Which One Is Best for Your Company? A basic ingredient of the stories are the characters. After that, When you use storytelling techniques, the characters represent your brand and at the same time serve for the public to identify with them. In this article we show you how to build unforgettable characters through Jung’s archetypes.

What Are Jung’s Archetypes and How Are They Used in Storytelling?

Do you want to know what questions you can ask your sales team to generate the best inbound content? Click here and download the manual with all the Brazil Phone Number questions. Jung’s archetypes on personality which is the best for your company what are Jung’s archetypes and how are they used in storytelling? Carl Jung was a well-known psychiatrist for his contributions to the field of psychoanalysis, one of the most influential psychological currents of the 20th century. Similarly, Which One Is Best for Your Company?

Jung’s 12 Personality Archetypes

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In conclusion, His theories continue and extend the works of Freud. Jung’s personality archetypes are a series of emotions. And behavioral patterns that live in the collective. Subconscious and that determine how we perceive. Sensations, images, and the world in general, that is, they help us make sense. Of the reality around us. When telling stories. Around our brazil phone number brand. Jung’s archetypes inspire us to design characters that are engaging. And familiar to our audience. Each one of them has a series of its own. Characteristics that are related. To our brand personality. And that makes it easier to connect with people and generate engagement. Therefore, when considering. A storytelling strategy, it is very useful to know. Jung’s personality archetypes and see which ones fit best with. The values ​​and style of our company.

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