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In your head you have fantastic plans to grow. But in practice Indonesia Phone Number you are happy most days if you manage to finish the to-do list with the absolutely necessary tasks at all. Sharpening your strategy or setting up something new is often left behind. That is very Indonesia Phone Number understandable. But also very sinful. Because that’s how the focus remains: survival. While the best thing about having your own online store is that you can always rethink how you want to Indonesia Phone Number grow and how you are going to put that into practice. All by yourself! Of course you start your business for a reason: you want to be able to fully express your creativity in smart ways to become a little bigger or a little different (read: more fun) every time.

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The annual summer dip in turnover and crowds Unless Indonesia Phone Number you sell barbecues. Camping gear or swimwear. It’s often very quiet as an online retailer in the summer. Because whether your customers are camping. Staying in a five -star hotel or spending quality Indonesia Phone Number time at home with their family. At least they won’t spend stolen hours at the office or while Netflixing your catalog scrolling in search of their latest purchase. . You can respond to this in several Indonesia Phone Number ways. You can nervously twiddle your thumbs and hope that customers who return from vacation also return to you.

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Online merchants who choose to do so often combine this with Indonesia Phone Number stressing about and-what-if-they-don’t-do that . You can also spend endless hours in many marketing campaigns to attract a few more customers to your webshop and to tone down that Indonesia Phone Number summer dip. Even if only a little bit. Web merchants who choose to do so often find at the end of the summer that their efforts were not exactly commensurate with their results. Also read: A powerful Indonesia Phone Number content strategy for webshops: this content is indispensable But you can also embrace the annual summer dip by celebrating with endless productive hours that you can finally work on your webshop in peace instead of in your webshop.

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